About Us


Founded in 2010 by international Dancer & Model, Riely Alecia Saville, EPIC Creations is an Entertainment & Photographic Production Company that is continually evolving! Embracing both local & international artists. And striving to create performances & works of art that create an EPIC impact! :)




Creative Director / Producer


Riely Saville is no stranger to the spotlight. Having first stepped on stage when she was just 3 years old! Her love of performing has taken her around the world, starring in productions with The Australian Ballet School, The Gold Coast City Ballet, Melbourne Ballet Company, Ajkun Ballet Theatre NYC, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Hong Kong Disneyland, Royal Caribbean International, Dracula's Cabaret, Les Femmes worldwide, Kanye West & many more! 


Riely was also discovered as a model & television talent at the age of 15. And has worked in these fields in both Australia & internationally. Through organising her own photo shoots & entertainment productions with large teams & even larger ideas, she discovered she had a serious knack for producing. And using her inside knowledge, EPIC Creations was born! Fusing her love of both the Entertainment & Photographic industries!


Whether she is in front or behind the camera, Riely is an extremely passionate artist. And will work hard to deliver exceptional results every time! But will also do so with a friendly approach, as she believes in working hard but having fun while doing it too!  Consider her your Go2Girl if you need productions that create an EPIC impact! From the casting process,     right through to the finishing touches, she will do her absolute best to rock your world!





Head Photographer


Pixel manipulator & photographer Tristan Peter started his career by handing old Skool photographers magazines of film in the backs of helicopters, dragging his feet at 4am starts and burning coffee for clients. Not much has changed in the past ten years except now he has assistants handing him little cards and backing them up. Tristan is also one of many, many graduates of QCA.


Insert varied, bumpy and colourful start to the photographic industry including national campaigns, commercial clients, local business and government bibs and bobs and all this at the trailing end of the time of trannie, E6 sink lines and 8x10 film cameras. Learning how to shoot in the camera has its advantages, and knowing you don't have an unlimited number of frames in a definitively short roll of film was pressure enough to get it right the first time.


Tristan has seen and harnessed the benefits of working amongst a brains trust of professional, like minded creatives. These magnificent creatures tease, pin, smear, dab, pull, stretch and nit pick their madness into Tristan's lens. Since 2010, Tristan & Riely have been combining their artistic powers. And continue creating amazing imagery together. The team is making a name for themselves which has led to high profile clients seeking their attention. And the best is yet to come!




List of Services:


  • Talent Casting
  • Choreography
  • Fashion Shows
  • Music Videos
  • Events
  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Bands
  • DJ's
  • & more!!


  • Photography  
  • Retouching
  • Digital Editing
  • Art Direction
  • Fashion Styling
  • Hair & MakeUp
  • Model Casting
  • Runway Training & Choreography